Thursday, 16 July 2015

Last of the Stourbridge locks and into Stourbridge

A very leisurely start to the day as we were not planning to go far.   A boat came up the last of the locks very conveniently when we were ready to depart so we took his water down.  A sharp left at the bottom and Geoff & Petroc set off towards Stourbridge.   Barney & I walked the towpath.   The last time we explored this arm must be at least 12 years ago when we were on a hire boat with our friends Dave & Sue Gardner.

The first bit has rather a lot of derelict buildings but soon gives way to pretty countryside.   Just before the entrance to the town basin we stopped to water.

Barney decided he would rest in the long grass
Our Pearsons guide talks about good moorings in the town basin but it was full of permanent boats.   No sign of any visitor moorings.  This did not bother us as we had spied a very congenial mooring just a little way back.   So we just carried out our intention of loo emptying and rubbish disposal which were conveniently located, and turning ourselves around.

Much more to our style of mooring spot.
It was a short walk back into town which was bigger than we remembered.   No shopping needed apart from the paper but we did find a butcher where we were able to purchase a pork pie for Geoffrey....
A very relaxing slow day....not sure how I stand the pace!

Total distance:1.46 miles 
Elapsed time:1h30m49s 
Average speed:0.96 mph (1.62 lock/mph) 

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