Tuesday, 13 May 2014


We are going North
"No Rush" said Geoff this morning, the trouble is I never know whether he means it or not.  Still I took him at his word and rose very gently.  We were still on the way soon after 9am!

The junction was just around the corner
We have never noticed these birds before, so are they new or have we just been unobservant on our previous trips through Fazeley?
For most of the day we followed around this huge mast......should be a good TV picture tonight!
I never cease to lost interest in peoples back gardens, I love seeing what they have achieved in their canalside plots and what extensions they have added to their houses.  We passed some lovely ones today.

We also passed some interesting sights......how do boats like this manage to acquire a Boat Safety Certificate???
This is part of the world where a lot of the bridges have these little cubby holes......I have commented on them in previous years' blogs and had several responses as to what was their use ...spare planks,,,,,,hay for the horses....

We passed through Whittington and moored just outside.  The rain was very kind to us today, just a few sprinkles now and then and we have the promise of better things to come from tomorrow.
Does this sunset tell of these better things???
Total distance:6.29 miles 
Elapsed time:2h45m15s 
Average speed:2.28 mph (2.28 lock/mph) 

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