Monday, 26 May 2014


Continuing down the T & M the locks are rural and my green fields are back...although not the buttercups and the sheep and cows.
The majority of this top section are twin single locks, with the occasional one where one has become derelict.

There were one several boats around today, just enough to be interesting without making it overcrowded and causing queues.......  We went down 6 locks to the first winding point and then back up 3 .

It wasn't the most skilful turn in the world!  
But the objective was achieved and we moored adjacent to Church Lawton Church.
Later I took Barnaby for an amble which led me through fields and woods.   It was one of those walks where I realised too late that my footwear was not the best but I kept thinking it was just a little patch of mud and it would get didn't!

1.62 miles 9 locks 2.5 hours

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