Friday, 30 May 2014

Just a little bit further

Our appointment with Heritage Narrowboats went well.   Our Water pump does have a small fault and should be replaced but their engineer though we would be Ok until the end of the season.  There are no leaks but it is just not functioning properly.   It is a brand new pump so hope we can get it replaced under warranty when we get back to Clifton.

We went in there at 8.30 and we out by 9.30, having filled with diesel.  They were extremely helpful as they were when we had the engine serviced here 2 years ago.

We carried on for all of 1/2 mile and found a delightful mooring and settled in for another quiet day.

Barney and I met this duck family when out for our afternoon perambulate.   They didn't stay on the bank long as he approached.......if they did but know it he is not at all interested and would have ignored them completely

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