Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter goes the rain........

yes we awoke to the familiar sound this morning so decided not to budge
a brief lull here but still very drear
But the view from my kitchen window is not unpleasing
Mow Cop in the distance
Last time we came through here, two years ago, Geoff climbed to the top.  He does not seem so inclined in this rainy weather

Cows and Buttercups are back
We seem to be having our yearly quota of things needing repairing condensed into about 1 week!
We have had to have the plumber into our house to mend a leak, then an electrical fault with the shower and today a new shower has been fitted.
On Petroc we have a problem also with water........our water pump keeps repriming itself.  Luckily we are moored just before a boatyard, Heritage Narrowboats.  They think they know what the problem is but cannot fix it until Friday so we shall stay here another day.
This will be an expensive month!

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