Thursday, 15 May 2014

Toilet Bowl Country!

Onward towards Rugely where we planned to stop and shop at the Morrisons close to the canal.  But first we had to pass through Handsacre and Armitage......Home of the well known Armitage Shanks sanitary ware.
It was another day of pretty back gardens as well
and just for a change a much higher bridge than we have had recently
When I sit up in the front cockpit watching the world go by, my heart is in my mouth as we go under some of the bridges as I expect to hear our satellite dish being scraped off at any moment.    The perspective from the front makes the bridges seem even lower than they are.

next came what was the Armitage Tunnel, only the first bit is tunnel now
The next part is just the narrows and one way traffic......Geoff had gone ahead to check the way was clear
The large cooling towers of Rugely Power station can be seen from some distance away
We managed to moor with no difficulty and set off for Morrisons.  However to our surprise when we came to the road we found a brand new Tesco stores right there, sorry Morrisons!   It was obviously quite new and for a change had big wide aisles, so shopping was easy.
After unloading and lunch we moved on about a mile to our intended destination for the day and had no difficulty finding space on the Trent Aqueduct.  In fact since we were here last there are new mooring rings on the offside.  There was only one other boat here when we arrived and we felt guilty disturbing his peace.  However by teatime both banks were pretty full.

Total distance:7.15 miles 
Elapsed time3h33m59s (Not including shopping & Lunch!)
Average speed:2.41 mph (2.75 lock/mph)

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