Friday, 16 May 2014

Great Haywood

Our mooring on the Trent Aqueduct was ideal and it would have been tempting to stay over a night but the plan was to get to the Tixall Wide for the weekend

Looking back from our mooring
Since the majority of boats moored with us were pointing in the same direction we decided on an early start, although I must admit that our early starts are not as early as in some it age creeping up??  nevertheless we were en route by 8.15 on a glorious morning.
I set off with Barney for our morning exercise and this was my view.  Admittedly beyond the trees you can see, there is a busy A road and the distant hum of traffic can be heard
Yet another day with pretty gardens to ogle.
Only 2 locks today and Geoff and Barney walked the mile+ between the two.   We passed a lovely mooring spot whilst they were walking at Little Haywood and when we eventually moored up at Great Haywood Geoff said he had been tempted to stop there.  Since I had been thinking the same on Petroc it was a pity we were not together.   We looked closely at the guide to see if there was a suitable turning point if we returned but it would have meant going all the way back to the Aqueduct so sadly shelved the idea.

Instead we found a congenial mooring just above the second lock close to the tea rooms and decided to stay put.   A walk into the village showed us there was a suitable church service on Sunday and the tea rooms has a restaurant and does Sunday lunch so have decided to give Tixall Wide a miss this time.

Whilst walking through the village we passed the Catholic Church of St John the Baptist with a most unusual tower
As is my wont in the evening I do like to wear comfy clothes......Geoff is very scathing about my favourite jumper which I keep on board.  It is very old but I am very attached to it....note the holes....

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