Monday, 12 May 2014

Fazeley Junction

Showers, some sun and still windy but not a bad day.  Quite long for us, over 4 hours.  We decided to moor just before Fazeley Junction in a spot we have not stopped before.   There is a nice long straight stretch after the Tame aqueduct and we moored just after the aqueduct before the start of the industrial buildings.   Ideal for Barney with a nice wide towpath and steps leading down to a large wildlife meadow where you can walk along the banks of the River Tame   Not knowing much about the river Tame I had to look it up on Google and discovered it is the main river of the West Midlands and the most important tributary of the river Trent and here it is quite a wide river....the facts one discovers when you search the internet!

Total distance:7.94 miles 
Elapsed time:4h7m2s
Average speed:1.93 mph (2.42 lock/mph

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Boe said...

A four hour day !!! You should have a sit down !!