Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Finally in Stone.

A good job we had not planned on too early a start as it was raining.   However by the time we set off it had cleared through.

The plan was to stop at a suitable mooring and do some shopping in Stone and then continue to Barlaston for the night.   There was a convenient space for us so I proceeded to do just that.   By the time that was done and coffee made it was 11.30 or so and a few more boats were on the move.   We went through the first lock but by now there were two ahead of us and one of those was a single-hander in a small plastic boat... so when  a reasonable looking space appeared just above the lock we decided to quit for the point in making life difficult for ourselves.!!

coming up the lock we see a nice spot just beyond the green boat on the left,
This notice is outside the pub alongside the do not fall in unless the pub is open!
Total distance:1.96 miles 
Elapsed time:3h8m9s (Well most of that time was shopping!)
Average speed:0.62 mph (1.26 lock/mph) 

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