Friday, 23 May 2014

The dreaded Harecastle

Well probably only dreaded by me.......Geoff seems to take them all in his stride......hence his insane desire to go through the Standedge!

We set off from the lake soon after 7 as we didn't want to be behind a long string of it turned out there was only one boat there (seen in the picture) and he had engine problems and couldn't go through so we were first and only boat in at about 8.20 and when we emerged the other end after approx 40 min there was not a single boat waiting...  where are all the boats???   We did see a few later on today but it is really very quiet.

The rig for the start of the day was 4 layers, woolley hat and gloves......after all it is only May!

Barney and I spent the 40 minutes below curled up on my bed with him quivering as he does not like being below when we are underway.   However every 5 minutes I had to stick my head out to Geoff to check he was alright and still there.   In my mind was the thought of the man who knocked his head going through last Tuesday and drowned in the tunnel.

We have decided to carry on down the Trent & Mersey for a few days before turning back and going up the Macclesfield probably by Wednesday.  Forecast for tomorrow is dire...again....

Total distance:3.81 miles 
Elapsed time:3h28m49s ( Includes waiting for the tunnel and using the sani station.)
Average speed:1.09 mph (1.96 lock/mph)   (Don't we go fast!!!)

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