Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Wow!!  Bright morning again and no rain......
I wonder what a nude lady is doing to distract one's attention whilst negotiating the entrance to a narrow lock.....
and I bother about our boat not being as clean as she might be!!
How nice to have one's own mini port
After the 3rd lock I continued walking to the next set of 4 locks and even managed the first 2.......I handed over to Geoff at the next one back and I decided to quit whilst we were ahead.

The moorings in Barlaston itself looked a little dark but just a little way beyond we have found yet another pleasant spot.

Mind you, there is a family of swans around and I strongly suspect this was the family that Sue from No Problem mentioned in her blog the other day....she said one of the swans dive bombed we are being very careful...they look so beautiful but can be so vicious
Total distance:3.70 miles 
Elapsed time:2h46m8s 
Average speed:1.33 mph (3.86 lock/mph) 

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