Saturday, 10 May 2014


Well, no rain for our trip today just cold and windy!  The rain saved itself for later when we were moored up.
We were lucky on arrival at Atherstone to find the first slot after bridge 40 was free.  Further along we would have been facing ugly buildings, so we settled in for our normal weekend stay.  However when we discovered that Sundays service in the church was possibly not quite our cup of tea, we contemplated  going down the locks and on to Polesworth so we could attend the Abbey service.  Saturday dawned rather sunny and it was tempting but we watched the forecast and decided against it......not a bad decision as the sun soon disappeared and was replaced with wind and rain.......we will assess the situation tomorrow.  We don't normally travel on a Sunday but we are both keen to get a few miles further along......we shall see.
Total distance:6.11 miles 
Elapsed time:2h27m21s 
Average speed:2.49 mph (2.49 lock/mph) 

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