Sunday, 25 May 2014

Weekend in Kidsgrove

Maybe the title should really be Dull, Wet Weekend!  What a change from last weekend.
The rain has been intermittent but heavy at times and there are large puddles on the towpath.    Saturday there were very few boats going past but traffic picked up on Sunday.
So it has been a leisurely weekend, a shopping trip up to Tesco's and several walks, of course, for Barnaby.

Today we went to St Thomas Church in Kidsgrove.   I am not sure what we expected but it was rather strange.  Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  There was a good size congregation of which a fair number were children which was lovely to see.  However the sermon (More like a Bible Study) was 40 minutes long.........ZZZZZZZZZZ..........Luckily for the children they had departed to their various groups by then.

Later we had lunch in the Red Bull Pub..   Fairly Bog Standard, but reasonably priced and friendly service.

Onward tomorrow.  We have to continue a bit further down this way than we anticipated before we can turn and return to the junction.  The winding place shown in our Nicholsons is way too small for us.

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