Thursday, 29 May 2014

Go Slow day

Staying put today as we have a date with Heritage Narrowboats tomorrow to look at our water pump.

A rare sight passed us this morning

We were on a light eating day doing our 5/2 diet and had just finished our cup of OXO which was lunch when there was a knock at the door.....that was the end of the diet day!

Bisou with Nick and Patricia had caught up with us and decided to pull in for a catch up......they came aboard for a cup of tea......and then we had another with cake.......and then we went back to Bisou for a pre dinner drink....and then we all went to the Rising Sun pub for a very good ended the day.   Bisou's intentions had been to reach the bottom of the Boseley  locks but decided to save that for the next day.     All in all an extremely pleasant day.   They are also heading for the Standedge but a week before us so we are hoping they will relay back any good tips on mooring places etc.   Once we reach the start of the Huddersfield narrow we will be on virgin territory for us.

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