Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We are off!

Well shower all fixed and the washing machine did not leak!!!
We have had several nights out with friends whilst getting Petroc all shipshape, now it is time to return to sensible eating.   Geoff lost 2 stone over the winter and I managed almost a stone, but saying goodbye to everyone tends to put some back on...can't think why!
So after saying our goodbyes to all at Clifton this morning we set sail (as you do) just after 9am........however it was not to be the most auspicious of first days cruising..........
We had to stop after 2 miles and Geoff had to resume his least favourite position as we had a nasty vibration.
Nothing much around the prop however so we continued although we both agreed that things were not as they should be.  We had planned to moor just before Anstey out in the open where we have moored before, however the forecast was not good for the next few days so we decided to do a few more miles before the rain came.    We timed it superbly as the rain started about quarter of an hour after we were snugly moored up.
After a gentle siesta (Geoff's routine) he decided to explore down the weed hatch again.......this time he discovered that we have a slight nick out of one of the blades on the propeller.  Needless to say this has not been good for his stress levels............either we have to put up with the vibration all summer or we have to consider a new propeller...AAGH!
On the bright side we have a nice neighbour
Grazing opposite Petroc.
Total distance:13.25 miles 
Elapsed time:4h47m1s 
Average speed:2.77 mph (2.77 lock/mph) 

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