Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rain Rain, go away

Unlike yesterday when the rain started a quarter of an hour after we were snugly tied up, today it started a quarter of an hour after we set off and boy was it wet.
Barney was most unimpressed as he doesn't like going below when we are travelling, he prefers to lie at the feet of whoever is on the helm.   He had to be forced below to save him from drowning in the heavy rain and he is still sulking and refusing to eat his food........
Geoff did most of the standing in the rain (because I would have stopped much sooner!)
We are going to continue with the vibration and see how we get on.  Ideally we would like to get through this season as she has to come out of the water to have her bottom blacked next year, so it could be looked at then.......just very annoying.
Eventually Geoff spied a boat coming off a mooring just before Nuneaton which had rings so we nipped in smartly and battened down the hatches, at least we are warm and dry below.   It was a good day then for me to catch up with some of Giles' accounts.   The forecast for the weekend is still not brilliant.

Total distance:5.10 miles 
Elapsed time:2h5m28s 
Average speed:2.44 mph (2.92 lock/mph) 

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