Saturday, 7 September 2013

We didn't want to moor at Barrow-on-Soar anyway

Well actually we did.   I had looked up the church service for Sunday and it seemed a convenient place to stop for the weekend.........there is quite a long stretch of convenient mooring above Barrow Deep Lock.......however just not for us.

The morning started well, it was a beautiful morning and the Soar is so pretty.  Barney and I did not take our usual perambulations as the tow path went through lots of fields which would have been fine apart from the animals that were in some of them!!!!   I am not keen on cows........
Our half illegal mooring at Mountsorrel, however the boat behind was wholly illegal.
Very few boats came either way so we did not inconvenience anyone.
Not a breath of wind, yesterdays rain all gone and crystal clear water
Just a little way along we passed these interesting town houses
With their own mini dock
Approaching Barrow there are some lovely big house with beautifully tended gardens
We stopped to use the sani station just before our intended mooring and I went ahead to look for the best place to be met with a series of notices in the hedgerows

Closer to the lock the notices changed to Reserved signs.   There were several boats on the reserved moorings but only about 3 boats by the Polite notices with plenty of space.   Since it said 6th-8th and today was 7th we thought maybe no more boats were coming.  Since there was nowhere else to moor we decided to stay.  However we were met with a very unfriendly reception.  Two separate boaties came up and said we couldn't moor there.  It would have been OK if they had been polite and said sorry we have a Beacon Boat rally, we are expecting lots of boats and would we mind moving.   This did not happen.  When Geoff asked where we were supposed to moor in Barrow we were told there was 2500 miles of canal so we could go elsewhere.   
Since the signs were under the CRT logo it would have been good if a restriction notice could have been issued and then we would have planned differently.   We are signed up to receive alerts and had not received anything.
After the second persons remarks we decided to up sticks and move on.   
We went through Barrow deep lock which has traffic lights to tell you if it is safe to proceed onto the river Soar
I am not sure why this lock has traffic lights and not the normal marker board for the river levels.  We have been on and off the Soar several times in the last few days.
Soon after Pillings Lock (flood lock and left open at the moment) we found some very pleasant mooring and decided to will be a rather long walk back to church in the morning but it will also be interesting to see how many boats are on the moorings.....I'm sure the exercise will do us good!!!
Total distance:1.73 miles 
Elapsed time:1h49m9s 
Average speed:0.95 mph (0.95 lock/mph) (It was such a lovely morning we were going even slower than our normal slow pace!!)

Total distance:1.41 miles 
Elapsed time:0h51m15s
Average speed:1.65 mph (3.99 lock/mph)


Anonymous said...

You were certainly not told by anyone to do with the Beacon Gathering, that you could not moor there, we were more than happy for others to moor there, as C&RT had put up far too long a signage for it. There were 8 boats in total for the gathering. It was officially done through C&RT, and WAS on the stoppages list for the Soar...and was emailed out to most I heard of. We are sorry you were inconvenienced, but there was plenty of mooring space available. The lights at Barrow Deep signify if the river section is in flood, there are also the normal boards too. Regards

Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...


I am sorry if someone told you not to moor, there was space and a couple of non-Beacon gathering boats were moored along with us. I know Beacon Boats had gone through CRT and I received an email through Waterscape a couple of weeks ago about the limited moorings and it is on their stoppage site.

Really sorry as it would have been good to meet fellow bloggers.