Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Stopover in Swarkestone

We decided to stay put today as the forecast was not brilliant.   I set off together with my trusted friend to explore Barrow on Trent.  There was vague mention in one of our guide books there about a shop there but there was not!!!!

There were some pretty refurbished cottages, the end one (out of the picture) which possibly might have been a shop in the past
St Wilfred's Church
Swarkestone lock to the right and the old entry to the Derby canal on the left
By the time I returned from my circular walk I had covered nearly 4 miles which is a lot for me.......Barney would go on all day I think........I did not have a lot to show for it apart from a bar of chocolate I bought for Geoff in the garage on the way back (tiny garage shop)

Later Geoff decided to explore in another direction and he went along the disused Derby canal.   This led him to Chellaston which was bigger than he thought and had plenty of facilities.   A much closer walk if supplies are needed and not really mentioned in our guide books as a possibility.

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