Friday, 13 September 2013

Goodbye Soar, Hello Trent

A very sedate start this morning just before 9.   As we set off another boat came up behind so when we reached the lock and found one boat just gone in who did not open the gate for us to join them we were not as miffed as we might have been!!!

Waiting for the lock to fill with NB Annie
Kegworth Deep Lock tour guide book called, but the sign on it says Kegworth New Lock
The remains of the old lock can be seen in the background.  The new lock was built as part of the flood alleviation scheme.
Lock filling ready for us to enter...a powerful force of water.
Down we go, it is a very large lock but not really that deep at 7ft 9 in
Kegworth shallow lock is a flood lock and was open

I am not sure if these are permanent homes or summer residences but there are some very nice ones and all built on stilts......
Ratcliffe Power Station is very much in use and follows us for quite a few miles.
Note the long mooring indication of how high the river can rise....
Bovine gongoozlers
Those towering cooling towers still with us
Today's pretty boat
Today's unusual boat
Redhill Lock is another flood lock and open for us.
This one definitely looks like a permanent residence...note the stilts again
This one was right next door but don't think the conversion has been done yet!
Here the river Trent joins us and the weir is a bit larger than previous ones....
Just round the corner is the junction but we are not heading for the Trent to the north this year
 3 Years ago we did the Trent including the tidal Trent, Geoff even managed to fall into it!!!!   But this year is coming slowly to an end so it is homeward bound we must turn

Swan flying past the entrance to the Erewash canal...we went there 3 years ago also

Now he (or she?) has joined his mates
A gentle meander up the river to Sawley now, the weather has been reasonably kind, just a couple of very light showers....but listening to the forecast the weekend especially Sunday does not bode well....

We stopped below the locks for the sani station and when we turned round for the locks, Annie had waited for us so we rose gently together.    There is no longer a lock keeper here but the lock is mechanised so easy-peasy.....

By now it was late coffee time and much to my surprise the skipper said we could moor and pause for this........the intention was to pick up fuel and gas at Sawley marina and continue to Shardlow..........however after coffee and a delicious cheese scone, courtesy of Sainsburys, the will to carry on had evaporated. An executive decision was taken to remain here until tomorrow.....

Barney needed a bit of a stroll so whilst Geoff prepared our chilli supper, Barney and I took to the road in search of a paper shop.    Sawley village boasts 3 pubs, 1 restaurant, 2 garage repair places, a large church....BUT no shop.  Nothing daunted we continued along the main road and eventually came to Long Eaton and a convenience store (among others) who had just one Daily Telegraph left....mission accomplished....

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