Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday in Shardlow

Shardlow is definitely worth a stopover as there is a wealth of canal history here....the .Shardlow Heritage Centre webpage can do a much better job than I can.....
Shardlow has hung on to the majority of its history as a canal port. In its heyday it was known as Rural Rotterdam or Little Liverpool. Today it is Britain's most complete surviving example of a canal village, with over 50 Grade II listed buildings.  There are also plenty of pubs!!!

Remains of a crane outside the old brewery used for beer handling.............
  The inscription by the old crane reads as follows.
 "The crane was erected in 1870 by Zacchariah Smith for beer handling at the bottling stores each side of the adjacent canal arm. In 1974 Bernard de Stevens gave the crane to Mr Clifton requiring him to ensure safe keeping on its original site." 
The Clock Warehouse is a converted mill and now houses a pub.   We went here for Sunday lunch with John and Fi and had an excellent meal

The Heritage museum

We went to St James Church in the morning.   It was their Harvest Festival and inside were still the Victorian Boxed pews.  Although an Anglican church built in Victorian times, it had the air of a Methodist Chapel

Stained glass window with Moses, Abraham and Aaron

Beacon in the churchyard
The churchyard seemed to have an air of spring about it...this was not born out by the temperature!!!!
By the time we returned to our respective boats the forecast rain had still not much for the weather forecast....admittedly the forecast wind was about.

Before settling down for a cosy Sunday afternoon my Guru John came over to have another attempt at sorting out my portable aerial in the rear cabin....sadly despite his patience and perseverance it was to no avail......  however he did manage to sort out another problem I had been having on the computer.

Later the forecast squall did arrive but it somewhat short lived.

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