Wednesday, 4 September 2013


After a suitable rest and coffee I set out for a rather hot walk to find Maplins as I needed a connector for a new TV aerial in the back cabin.   It was just over a mile away and I found what I thought was a very helpful man........he used to own a narrowboat so he must have been OK!    The required connector was purchased but he informed be that I had a bit missing (and they didn't stock it!)and it would not work.........subsequent reading of the instructions leads me to believe he was leading me up the garden path and all I need is my Guru (John from Epiphany) to sort it out for me........
The weather was just too hot for me to appreciate the delights of the market so I returned to Petroc and let Geoff do that bit.....
They do make everything look attractive
Site of the old Roman Baths

We are moored just below this imposing spire of St Marys de Castro  
 Sadly the tower is in grave danger of collapse and the church has today been closed until remedial action has been decided.
Leicester Cathedral
The Castle gardens, although not large, are beautifully kept and are closed at 7pm each evening.  In the day they seem to attract a fair few visitors.
This is all that is left of the Norman Castle
Steps at the back of the gardens lead to the old Motte, seen on the right of this board.  The is nothing there now except a grassy area and a couple of seats but it makes a pleasant walk for Barnaby

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Anne Hall said...

Is this the Cathedral where they plan to rebury Richard the third, after finding his body under a car park. i think he should be buried in York Minster.