Friday, 6 September 2013

Hop, skip and a jump to Mountsorrel

Early start again and we almost beat the rain but not quite.  However it was not nearly as heavy and prolonged as the forecast had led us to believe.........

The goal was Mountsorrel and moorings were shown above the lock, but it was not to be as there was only room for 2 boats there are they were full.  Such a shame as we had passed lovely moorings above Sileby lock....not long before.

Nothing for it but to go through the lock and moor on the very end of the lock moorings as there was nowhere else.    Only part of Petroc is illegal!!!!! and there is tons of room for locking boats not that there are very many of them.

Objective achieved with doctor's appointment, a very obliging surgery.

Perentis with Dick and Gill did come past early afternoon and stopped to have a chat but they were plodding we resumed our quiet afternoon.

The main snag here is that Barney and I find it difficult to get off the boat.  Only the back is accessible and the quayside is very high.  Barney is in training for the high jump!!

Total distance:2.83 miles 
Elapsed time:1h38m43s 
Average speed:1.72 mph (3.55 lock/mph) 

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