Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crew change

Petroc set off with partial crew change this morning.
Rosi & I departed by car with instruction to investigate the moorings and the pubs in Normanton on Soar and in Zouch (which I have now learnt is pronounced ZOT)....it was all of 4.5 miles by road so we planned a trip to what looked like a soft furnishings and gifts mill only to find it had long since closed!!!!  So back to the drawing board and went to investigate pubs.  We decided that the Plough at Normannton looked the best bet both pub wise and the moorings for barney.   In fact the Rose and Crown at Zouch looked perfectly OK but the moorings tipped the balance.    Our plot was then to sit by the river and have a good catch up with each others news....the weather had other ideas as it was decidedly chilly so we repaired for coffee in the pub.

Meanwhile Geoff with his new crewman John was making slow going.   They had to wait ages for the water point and the elsan emptying was out of order....there was an alternative provided which I gather was less than savoury..........and by the time they were done the disabled trust boat appeared so they had to let them down the lock first....still John had some practice on lock paddles and gates as he helped them.......

Normanton on Soar Church
Our mooring by the Plough Inn
They eventually arrived in time for a late lunch aboard and then later we went ashore for supper..........so much eating........and enjoyed an excellent meal.  They were very friendly in the pub and the service was excellent as was the food.   We had timed our arrival well and the next day the mooring was booked for the disabled trust boat.

After a nightcap aboard John and Rosi departed after a lovely 2 day visit.

Total distance:2.46 miles 
Elapsed time:2h46m37s 
Average speed:0.88 mph (1.60 lock/mph

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