Thursday, 12 September 2013

Enforced stay at Kegworth

I was have been enforced but it was not unpleasant.....although we were almost directly under the flight path of East Midlands airport

After a while you cease to notice them!
My main memory of our day her will be the fact that I was £180 poorer after a visit to the dentist!!   This was for an x-ray and temporary filling in my top front tooth, part of which had broken away.  He was a very nice dentist, apart from the extremely nasty injection, but was at great pains to tell me several times that he couldn't guarantee how long it would last....maybe a week......maybe two months......maybe (if I am very lucky)   a year!!!!!   However I now look less like Terry Thomas (fort those of you who remember him)

It was about a mile to walk into Kegworth for the bus and at the bus stop by the church I was interested to see this sign Geoff said... 13 years error is not too much out of 2000!!
I failed to get a picture of today's other strange happening.   We had a visit from a squirrel.......after a thump on the side of the boat we caught a glimpse of him obviously trying to gain entry before swimming away across the canal.   I didn't know squirrels swam...............luckily the cratch was all closed up due to the rain.

I use the term 'canal' here as I think this short stretch is canal.   The weir is just behind the trees opposite us and the Soar joins in again just below the lock ahead of us.   The Soar has been with us for quite a while now and is such a delightful river when it is benign like this.

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