Monday, 9 September 2013

Continuing up the beautiful River Soar

Early morning view from our mooring
The mist is almost gone
Early morning constitutional
Pillings Flood Lock, open at the moment
 We set off soon after 8.30 for the walk back to Barrow church.......I am not the fastest walker so we had to leave plenty of time!!!  A beautiful morning and such a pretty walk
Barrow Church
 We had a warm welcome and there was a very good sized congregation including about 20 children....great to see.    We thought the Vicar was extremely brave as he had all the children out before they departed for Sunday School.  He had them help him to make play-dough with flour, salt etc.  When it came to the water he had forgotten it and so used the water waiting for communion!   With so many small children and these ingredients it could have been  recipe for disaster but at the end in true Blue peter fashion he produced some he had made earlier.........the children then departed and and the play-dough was used to illustrate the point of his sermon.
Dragon Boats
 There is to be dragon boat racing here this afternoon which we had hoped to see but we are moored a bit too far away to come back

Ready for the dragon boat racing
Those messy Canada geese!!
What is this strange boat appearing??
When we returned from church Epiphany had arrived and later they joined us for Supper and we had a catch up as they had been just behind us for the last few days.

On Monday morning before departure my guru John came aboard to fix a plug on the end of my new aerial for my TV on my computer in the rear cabin.   What would I do without him!!??  We couldn't try it out there as the reception was poor.

We then set off for the short trip to Loughborough and blow me down it started to rain...that wasn't supposed to happen.   Barney and I were walking the first bit but luckily it was not very heavy rain and did not persist too long.

Moored just before the junction opposite these beautiful hanging baskets
Geoff was receiving a strong TV signal with his aerial up front so........time to try my new one out........disappointment!!!!!!   Not a dicky bird.........eventually tried it on the TV up the front....also nothing........cannot understand it as it is the same aerial Epiphany uses and they had great success with it.......must be my vibes!!!!

Mid afternoon our visitors John and Rosi arrived for two nights, staying at the Premier Inn locally.  After a great afternoon catching up we we repaired to Caravelli's Italian restaurant for a very good meal.

Total distance:2.33 miles 
Elapsed time:1h10m52s 
Average speed:1.98 mph (1.98 lock/mph) 

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