Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Short trip to Kegworth

 Leaving Normanton on Soar we passed some very large houses on the starboard side

We are glad the river is so benign at the moment

A little further and the houses seemed to be more in our price bracket!

Most of the way this morning we have had 4 swans travelling just ahead of us
As soon as we were closer they took off
Just coming up to the moorings above the Kegworth Deep Lock
Geoff knew where we were aiming for as he remembers places.....I had no such recollection!!!!

He walked into Kegworth for the paper and whilst he was away Epiphany came past us....we shall catch up with them at the weekend.

By lunchtime the forecast rain arrived and continued all afternoon...Barney and I had a soggy tea time walk.

Later I managed to break off half of one of my top front now I have a dentist appointment back in Loughborough tomorrow morning....why couldn't it have happened whilst we were there in Loughborough????   Luckily there are buses from Kegworth, although it is a fair walk in from our mooring.
So we shall stay here another day.

Total distance:3.10 miles 
Elapsed time:1h21m38s 
Average speed:2.28 mph (3.01 lock/mph) This increase of speed over our normal shows we are on a wider river...over

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