Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Alrewas to the middle of nowhere

Well not quite the middle of nowhere but not close to habitation.....between Hopwas and Whittington on a nice open mooring.
Off just before 8.30....getting later for us now as the mornings are darker..........
Barney walked all the way to Fradley junction, first with me and then with Geoff.......should wear him out for the day!!!!
We had a good run as there was no one in front of us and no one on the water point......we didn't need the water, just the elsan and rubbish.  Sadly the little shop was not open left turn onto the Coventry Canal after the last lock and then no more locks for a while which meant I could resume my regal position in the bows whilst leaving my 'man' to steer........lovely countryside.....aint life grand....
Total distance:8.53 miles 
Elapsed time:4h21m8s
Average speed:1.96 mph (3.11 lock/mph) 

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