Thursday, 5 September 2013

Onward to ....wherever.....

That was the brief this morning.....go as far as we could in view of the less than salubrious forecast for tomorrow......that was all very well but today was still HOT HOT HOT and I don't do heat well and also feeling a bit below par doesn't help.    I had to have the brolly out, not for rain but for sun.

A trip of mixed urbanisation, industry and just plain rural.....
left just after 8 (too late!) see the work boat on the end taking up a mooring
beautiful square chimney with grass growing from the top!
Lots of weirs today as the river Soar weaves in and out of the canal
pretty iron bridges
still industrial
wouldn't fancy stopping here

But the lock is tucked away in lovely surroundings
I suspect that lots of local people are not even aware that the canal is here
just beyond the lock....ripe for conversion??
We had to wait a while for these CRT work boats to manoeuvre themselves out of the lock
Why do some people have to spoil things
Grass cutting man very busy   .....on his phone......
A bridge that has stood the test of time
We were glad we passed here before all the canoes were launched......looks like a lot of fun was to be had
and yet another weir
rural lock setting again
These were presumably the mooring that had been recommended at Thurmaston....not my cup of tea due to the presence of Canada Geese and their resultant mess.
Two more CRT workboats but no sign of any work or workmen.and just a narrow gap for us to squeeze through
By now I was not just hot but near the end of my tether and after Junction Lock I declared I could go no further............we would have moored just before the lock
but we weren't sure about the neighbours..
We paid the price for that as below the lock the bank is rather high and we have had to moor on pins........however needs must.   Our days are getting too long... I seem incapable of slowing the skipper down.   However a SHORT trip is planned for tomorrow (weather permitting) as I need to get to a doctor.....
Total distance:7.10 miles 
Elapsed time:3h59m45s 
Average speed:1.78 mph (3.28 lock/mph) 

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