Friday, 27 September 2013


A gentle start just after 8.30 on a bright and promising day, summer does seem to have made a reappearance at the moment....We stopped briefly in Bradley Green at the sani station where another boat was just conveniently pulling out.
We contented ourselves with the first four locks as we knew the designated moorings above the next two locks were much more surrounded by trees.   We decided we would rather have the slightly longer walk to town and an open mooring.
After settling ourselves in Geoff set off for the town with a view to looking for a barber and some shopping, not for hair cutting, more for beard trimming!!!  About 10 minutes later he rang to say he was on his way back with a boat and maybe I would recognise it.........
It turned out to be Hector and Sally Hillman aboard 'Hectors House'.  They are ex RAF friends and we knew they had a boat but had never met up before......can't remember the last time I saw them.  So they pulled in and a convivial lunch was had by still great so we sat out on the bank.
Hector's House
They carried on after lunch but we were settled for the weekend and that was the end of shopping and barber hunting for the day!

Total distance:5.55 miles 
Elapsed time:3h48m33s 
Average speed:1.46 mph (2.51 lock/mph)

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