Friday, 20 September 2013

Beer in Burton

Well it was beer for John and Geoff.............Thursday was as forecast somewhat wet, Fi had been picked up for her appointment at Harefield and John & Geoff had plans to visit the National Brewery Museum.  However John had to wait in for a mechanic and by the time he came the day was almost gone.......not to be deterred they decided to visit on Friday morning before departure.  A lot of the photographs are courtesy of John as Geoff found that our camera was out of battery power!!!

Model of Burton on Trent in the twenties

There were two shire horses there which apparently they have to get rid of.....Health & Safety!!!!!

Good old days
The best bit was at the end when the samples came along..............................
Shobnall Park Moorings
Sleepy Swans
Coors brewery behind our mooring
When they eventually returned we set off for our next destination which was just a stones throw away at Branston...home of the famous pickle!   Just one narrow lock to the moorings by a water park at Branston which proved to be a very popular spot.   We managed to find a space and when Epiphany caught is up they also managed to squeeze in thanks to the alacrity with which the boat in front shuffled up to make room for them.   A very convivial supper was had aboard Epiphany later on after the men had just given the local pub the once over........getting to be a habit...........

I tried out my new TV aerial again and it is working brilliantly.......thanks to guru John.

Total distance:1.95 miles 
Elapsed time:1h12m18s 
Average speed:1.62 mph (2.45 lock/mph) 

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