Sunday, 19 August 2012

Continuing Southwards.

Petroc, Geoff and Barney have been moored for a few days whilst I visited London to see Emma.  We walked to Penkridge station, a good 20 minutes, in torrential rain.  Despite a large umbrella and waterproofs I was soaking wet by the time I got on the train.   London was a completely different scene and in fact Friday and Sat were exceptionally hot...far too hot for me...especially when travelling on the tube and train.
With some time to spare on Friday morning I was persuaded to go on the London Eye, something I have always said I would never do..........but no problem at all.  Despite a shower part of the time we were going round, the views were spectacular.
Charing Cross Bridge

Back to Petroc yesterday (Saturday) where Barney and Geoff had had their usual indolent time of walking, eating and sleeping. although I tell a slight lie.....there was a small piece of boat maintenance done........Geoff managed to find the new bolts we needed for the front doors and has fitted them...such action........
Today was an early start as we want to reach Kidderminster by Tuesday evening.  Younger daughter, Boe, is planning a final visit before she returns to Moscow for another year of teaching.  Kidderminster is the next place on our route with a station so we had to forego church this morning to travel.   We thought we would have to forgo Sunday Lunch out as well but when we moored at Compton Lock about 1345 there was a convenient pub so all was not lost.  After an early start and a long morning and a good lunch there are no prizes for guessing war we did this afternoon.....................
Pendeford Rockin Narrows
A very narrow stretch where the canal builders must have had a tough time cutting through all that rock.   There are some passing places but we were fortunate not to meet anyone coming the other way.

13.25 miles, 7 locks, 6hrs 22 min

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