Friday, 10 August 2012

Lonely Geoff

During my absence on Granny duties Geoff and Barney had lots of walks in the surrounding countryside

I left him moored on Red Bull Aqueduct
Back along the Macclesfield,  Mow Cop still visible but he didn't attempt a second trip to the top
Modern Day harvesting
The quiet canal in rural England
Still summer evening

He was not without the odd pub for an evening pint!!
Red Bull Pub
Bleeding Wolf Pub with a beautiful thatch
He decided to try a gentle trip single handing(so brave!) as he did not want to overstay by too long the 48 hour moorings on the Aqueduct.  So he went down to the junction and turned and went back a little way up the Macclesfield
Only one very shallow lock to negotiate at Hall Green Stop Lock
If he had gone the other way along the T&M he would have had much deeper locks to negotiate on his own and he was not up for that......
The single locks are paired along this stretch although only one is in use.
During his time alone he had a good wash down of the roof which was in sore need of it, however the grass cutters came along where he was moored and made a mess of the side of the boat so he had to wash that down also.....
There was also mowing going on in a small field near him which sent vast amounts of chaff over the boat and all over his clean roof.........
One of the things he did not do in my absence, despite my hints before departure, was to paint the gunnels on the starboard side......a great disappointment on my return!!!!   I don't think it even crossed his mind...does  anyone have a handy man husband I could borrow for a while.........

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