Sunday, 5 August 2012

Back to Red Bull Aqueduct

Mammoth trip yesterday......just over an hour to the aqueduct.   We thought we were out of luck for a mooring but there was just one space that we managed to squeeze into.  The mooring here is ideal for painting the gunnels, I did one side on the way up and would liked to have done the other one BUT the weather is against me.......too many showers.
Today we walked to St Thomas Church in Kidsgrove where we found a large congregation for their All Age service and it really was 'all age'.   We had considered going to their earlier traditional service of Holy Communion but that meant a much earlier start and it was a good half hours walk away.   This service was definitely not traditional BUT full of enthusiasm and most enjoyable ( we even knew one of the hymns!) and it was lovely to see the children joining in.  We were made incredibly welcome and even invited to lunch by one of the ladies, which we had to decline as we had to get back for Barney before we went to our pre-booked lunch in the Red Bull pub.   Very good food and good value at £10.75 for a 3 course Sunday Roast.
There will now be a short break in transmission as I depart to Giles tomorrow to carry out some Granny duties for just under a week.   I have dropped big hints to the skipper about painting the gunnels on the starboard side in my absence but I am not holding my breath..........
1.67 miles, 1 lock, 1hr 3 min

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