Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Onward to Kidderminster

A slightly gentler and shorter day today.  We were expecting Boe later this evening so Kidderminster was the goal.

How does this get a boat safety certificate??

I'm not sure I would  like to be living on top of a tunnel....
...and no sign of a train line
We have fewer locks today but as ever Geoffrey has his faithful companion to assist

How this gardener did not fall in whilst constructing this garden is beyond me!

Kidderminster Church in sight
and moored beneath it
It looks ideal in the picture and it was a good mooring despite having a ledge.  However the mooring was the best part of Kidderminster.  A little way from our mooring it was decidedly scrubby and full of litter and what I find quite sad.....many solitary men through the day sitting by the canalside drinking cans of beer with obviously nowhere to go......
In addition the Marks and Spencer was the worst one I have ever been in........ I am very fond of M&S and tend to judge a town by how good it is...........
However Geoff did his usual town explore and made an exciting purchase.......a new PLAIN BLACK wheelie shopping basket.  He has always hated my psychedelic coloured one and that is now waiting to be consigned to the next rubbish point....shame!!
Boe arrived safely later in the evening for her final summer visit before returning to her teaching job in Moscow.
7.92 miles, 7 locks, 5 hours 1 min

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