Saturday, 11 August 2012

Goodbye Macclesfield Canal

I returned to Petroc today after almost a week of Grannie duties at Giles with the 3 grandchildren, Ella 7, Finley nearly 4 and Oscar nearly 2.   It was at times tiring, at times stressful but also at times enjoyable, however I was extremely glad that younger daughter Boe was there to help.   All in all it was a good visit and lovely to see them all again.
Feeding the ducks in Pangbourne Meadow

 I caught the train back to Kidsgrove and Geoff cruised down from a little way up the Macclesfield where he had ventured during my absence.   I walked up from the station and he timed his arrival at the junction of the Macc and the Trent & Mersey almost spot on and picked me and my suitcase up at the bridge.
My special treat of the day was that the Harecastle Tunnel was just around the corner!!!
Not my favourite way of travel, but since I had been so busy all week I had not had time to brood on it is done and we have moored by the lake just before Stoke on Trent.
It has been a good time on the Macclesfield and the Upper Peak Forest, lovely countryside and good walks especially for Geoff and it is south again route a little uncertain........
4 miles, 0 locks

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