Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Onward to the Droitwich junction

Well it should have was certainly onward but rain stopped play!!!
Emma wanted to do a run as she is training for a half marathon at the end of October so she set off for the approx 4 miles to the junction (she read that and said that including the run back she did nearly 10KM!!!) as Geoff set off on Petroc and Barney and I set off for our morning walk.  It was already starting to rain as we all set off but being the intrepid travellers we are we were not daunted.....well not for a while anyway.  The rain grew heavier and big umbrellas were in use (not Emma!)
By the time we reached Dunhamstead where there were convenient moorings we decided to quit for the day. 
A phone call to Emma ascertained that she was on her way back to us and then we battened down the hatches and stripped off all our wet clothes.............
Later (it had cleared up a bit) Geoff and Emma took a walk to the junction, including climbing over the Dunhamstead tunnel.  

At the junction they sadly found it was too early for the pub to be they thought they would have a pre dinner pint in the pub near the boat.....only to discover that it was closed due to flooding!!!  C'est la vie......
1.56 miles, 0 locks, 56 minutes

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