Sunday, 12 August 2012

Heading South

Retracing our steps of just a few weeks ago now but only for a couple of days.  We normally stay over for Sunday and find a church and a pub for Sunday Lunch but I need to go back to London on Wednesday for a couple of nights so we want to get to  Penkridge where there is a convenient train service for me

Descending through urban Stoke
We were off early and first down the Stoke Locks.......all set against us unfortunately however although very chilly it was a pleasant morning and we were down the 5 locks in just over an hour.  The last one had unkindly been left with the bottom gates and one of the paddles open...some people have no idea!
We were just congratulating ourselves on a quiet transit of the  locks when we snagged something round the prop....much cursing from the skipper.......

Shades of yesteryear surrounded by not very appealing modern flats
One or two other boats were up and about now and as the canal became more rural again it was a pleasant run to the top of the Meaford locks north of Stone.    As we entered the first of these 4 locks the rain (not forecast!) started.
However it had warmed up by now so it wasn't the end of the world...........can't believe I said that.......when we first started on the canals I refused to go anywhere if it was raining!!!
We moored on the offside below the locks near the new housing (bit upmarketish) estate.  We were hesitant about mooring here on the way up but there are mooring rings and only a couple of spaces which say reserved for a permanent boat.   On the way up we were the only visiting boat moored here but by this evening there were at least 10 others who had followed our lead.
10.94 miles, 10 locks, 5hrs 41 min

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