Thursday, 23 August 2012

Stay awhile in Kidderminster

Despite this not being top of my favourite town list we are stayed over a day as we unexpectedly (phone call last evening) (and pleasantly) have visitors.  Anne & Keith who are passing close by en route from a 60th birthday celebration came to call.

Being moored directly beneath the church is very pleasant, the bells chime on the quarter hours and at 3 hourly intervals they play a tune and this evening they had bell ringing practice.   The only down side is that the ringtone I have on my phone is church bells so every quarter of an hour I think someone is calling me!!  I don't think it carries on through the night as it has not kept us awake.
So we had a lazy and sociable day topped off by taking Boe for a goodbye meal in Frankie and Benny's.   The food was so-so, and it was full of noisy children but the service was excellent and pleasant and a good evening was had.   We only went there because it was close by!!

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