Sunday, 26 August 2012

Onto the Severn

A bright morning so we were off at 7, through the lock into the basin and to the sani point.   Whilst Geoff did all the necessary I walked up to town to buy the Sunday papers.
Then it was onward to the river.   There are two sets of staircase locks to negotiate with an extremely tight corner to negotiate between the two...........
Coming down first pair of locks, note kink to get into the next pair!
This is made more difficult if a boat has come up the first staircase and you meet in the confined space between the two.....and guess what........
Successfully negotiated, the other boat goes into the upper pair
Down we go
A helping hand from a passing gongoozler
River gauge is well in the green
,,,and onto the Severn.
We had a wonderful run down to Worcester.  The sun was shining, but sufficient clouds around so that it was not too hot.  BUT.......where were all the boats......we had thought to see lots of plastic gin palaces out for the bank holiday weekend, but all we saw were one or two narrow boats going in the other direction

We has 3 locks to negotiate but they were all large and manned by the resident lockeeper

We passed today's DES RES
Holt Fleet Bridge with Holt Lock in the distance
The Holt Fleet Pub...a slightly more desirable DES RES
We passed the entrance to the Droitwich Canal...we hoped to be exiting here in  under a week's time
As we reached the northern outskirts of Worcester we did meet some of the dragon boats but even they were not as prolific as we had expected.

We had no trouble fining a mooring alongside the race course.   There was a certain amount of moving our position to get the best TV picture. in fact a yo-yo comes to mind!!!    After Geoff had taken Barnaby for a walk all around the race course we went up to the Diglis Hotel and had an very good lunch in their conservatory overlooking the river, after which we went to evensong in the Cathedral.   Altogether an excellent day.

Looking back up river

12.89 miles, 8 locks, 4hrs 17 min

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