Monday, 20 August 2012

Stewpony Lock

What a lovely lovely name that is.   Stewpony see link.
We are moored just below the Stourton Junction where the Stourbridge canal turns off for Birmingham.

Birmingham is not on the agenda at the moment so we will continue south.   The day started very early (again!) and with just a little light drizzle, however it soon turned to heavier drizzle interspersed with nasty hard showers.....  Plenty of locks today so no escape for either of us.  

note wet weather gear!!
The pictures above are of the beautifully kept staircase of the 3 Bratch Locks, together with their volunteer lockeepers.
As we approached 11am the weather took a turn for the better which reminded me of the old saying  Rain before 7, fine before 11, very true today.

A lot of the locks on this stretch have these structures alongside.
Not being mechanically minded I am not sure where the water is coming from or going to only that it is connected with the lock somehow!!!  And why it is that construction I have no idea although maybe it is to catch the debris?
We saw a fine lady on a fine horse (and miles from Banbury!)
We began searching for a congenial mooring soon after 12.30 but there were far too many trees for us.  Eventually found this spot just above the Stewpony Lock which is far more open.   I always have visions of trees falling on us if we moor too close to them!
11.13miles, 18 locks, 6hours 59 min (another marathon)

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