Friday, 30 June 2017

Whee Hee...on the river proper now but where has summer gone?


Cannot believe we were sweltering this time last week.  Today it was back to 3 layers and almost needed gloves!!

Osney Lock   -   Big locks now, but no hard work.

Down past Christchurch Meadows and many of the university's boat houses on the left

Iffley Lock was on self service but even that is no chore as everything is mechanised.   
We had to wait a while at Sandford Lock, not due to traffic but due to lack of water.  The lock keeper came up and asked if we would mind waiting a while as he was trying to conserve water.  We were in no rush so on went the kettle!   Apparently all the weirs are right down and there is a great lack of water.

As we travelled down Geoff said he remembered why he was not so keen on rivers....there are long stretches where he gets bored!!  He is only coming this way because he knows I have wanted to come back this way for several years.  The added attraction is that Giles and family are quite close at Goring Heath and it is possible to hop down to London to have the odd day with Emma and Dave.

Geoff and Barney also miss out on their walking along the canal towpaths at a similar pace to the boat.   No so easy on the river.

Last lock of the day was Abingdon, the intended destination.   Watered etc at the top of the lock so we are good to stay here for a few days.   It was only late lunch time so there were several empty slots on the moorings.  We moored just below the lock in sight of the weir.  A great spot with tons of walking around here for Barney,.   Unfortunately it was too cold to sit out......

Total distance:8.80 miles 
Elapsed time:4h8m17s 
Average speed:2.13 mph (3.09 lock/mph) 


A bit warmer today although not sunny so after a few household duties and a walk to town for the paper and bread I managed a fair amount of sitting outside watching the world go by.


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