Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Day trip to London

The end of Paddington Basin has altered since our last visit by boat a few years ago
The weather was promising to be iffy on Tuesday so we decided to stay over a day up at the end of the canal.  Since the station was so close it seems reasonable to have a little trip down to London.  Emma was free as this is the last week before she starts her new job, so plans were made!

We had a little wander and remedial cup of coffee in Paddington Basin on arrival.  The boat end is much as I remember it from our visit here on Petroc a few years ago, still very full of boats.  However the far end has been developed. there are small gardens and several coffee and eating establishments. There are also several mobile food outlets.    Although it was not doing so today (rain instead) I imagine the wind still whistles through the area because of the high rise buildings.  We shall not venture down this far on Petroc as it is too difficult with Barney.

After a short museum visit to the Welcome Museum  (Medical) we adjourned for early afternoon tea in the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate.........

Tea was finished off with a glass of Prosecco!!
A good day out.......These little fixes of the hub bub of a city make me appreciate my quiet life.

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