Wednesday, 28 June 2017

On the river at last

The moorings st the end of the canal are not the most salubrious as can be seen from the picture above.   This is just a little way back from us.  The boat, together with several other obvious long term liveaboards is moored just across from the canal on a small backwater.  We have been told (don't know the truth of this) that although the towpath (to the right and just out of the picture) is the responsibility of CRT, the land adjacent to the backwater belongs to Oxford City Council.  As for the water it is below ISIS lock so presumably the Environment Agency.   With 3 bodies involved they probably cannot make a decision as to whose responsibility it is to get the area cleaned up.

Geoff decided to take a walk along the Botley road to acquire some more dog food.......High Priority!

On his way back he looked at the East Oxford Road moorings just down on the river and they had lots of space so we decided to move down.  It is quite a tight turn at the bottom of ISIS lock and it was not made easier as a boat arrive onto the pontoon to go up the lock.  However all was achieved without incident.  We had taken our aerials off the roof as the railway bridge just after the lock and Osney Bridge are quite low.  In the event I think we would have just scraped through as the river is not very high at the moment.

We had our pick of places, although it filled up later on.  Mooring here is free for the first night and then £5 a night for up to 2 extra nights.  We think this is quite reasonable.  You have to ring in to the number on the notice and announce your arrival and apparently they call you back if there is anything to pay.  This seems more realistic than the notices in Banbury and Oxford where it is 48 hours but a £25 a day charge if you do they collect the money........

Total distance:0.53 miles 
Elapsed time:0h24m41s 
Average speed:1.47 mph (1.47 lock/mph) 

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