Monday, 19 June 2017

Fathers day in Thrupp

Not a breath of wind at 9.45pm when Barney and I went for a last stroll.

For the last few days the only time I could venture out was very early morning or late has been hot

Giles and Zan and the children arrived for lunch on Sunday.  We ate at the Jolly Boatman where we did eventually find some shade and it was great to see them all.  The food left a bit to be desired however.   Giles and Geoff did best as they ordered steaks which they were very pleased with, but I had the roast which was overdone beef and veg including burnt roast potatoes and a very small Yorkshire pud!!  Zan opted for prawn and avocado salad to which they had forgotten to add the avocado.   When we pointed this out the very least they could have done was come out with some but no such luck.

Today has been just as hot so much reading done interspersed with cold showers!

Lovely cooler walk this evening though.

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