Sunday, 25 June 2017

Weekend in Oxford

Along the Thames path en route to The Perch pub
Friday I took the bus up to Summertown.  This is definitely the upmarket end of Oxford.

The shops shout it out!!!  Even the charity shops charge more for second hand books than in other places............

The moorings where we are are, are  designated as `Quiet Moorings` as we are in a residential area and next to a children's playground.   We are asked to keep to a minimum the running of engines, no loud music and only to burn smokeless fuel.  They are all very reasonable requests but I have to say most of the noise comes from said playground.!!!   Not that we are bothered as that is what children's playgrounds are for.    As for the running of engines I am not sure who would hear them apart from other boaters.  The houses opposite are set so well back from the canal they could not possibly hear.

Saturday  we went up to Summertown for our weekly cooked breakfast.  This was in Joes Cafe where we had a very good meal........definitely not a greasy spoon!!  Then our first weekend visitors arrived. Tony and Di Fletcher.   We had a good walk across Port Meadow, round part of the Thames Path and found a delightful pub, The Perch.  Obviously a well known and popular pub but we managed to find a table in the garden where the fellows consumed a couple of ales before returning to Petroc for supper.

Sunday  A leisurely start to the day as the service at St Margarets was not until 10.30.  A big choir of adults and children, lots of children departed for Sunday School and there were two children being baptised.   Then we had our second weekend visitors Geoff and Gill Smith.   This time we had lunch on board before the 3 of us did the walk across Port Meadow.  Geoff magnanimously volunteered to stay  behind and do the clearing up.

Tomorrow the Thames beckons with vague thoughts of Abingdon towards the end of the week.   We are promised a change in the weather though.  Tomorrow looks OK but Tuesday does not so we shall see.

Whilst we have been here there have been very few other boat moored and there is room for at least 8 boats, we cant work out where they have all gone.

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