Friday, 9 June 2017

and a little bit further again towards Lower Heyford.

A bit further to go today as Emma is coming to visit on Monday for a few days.  She is between jobs as she finished one one today and doesn't start the new one for a couple of weeks.  Lower Heyford was our intended destination for the weekend anyway and there is a convenient station right alongside the canal for trains to Oxford or Banbury.

Somerton Deep Lock (12 ft) was the first of the day

Its a long way down!

At Heyford Common Lock next we had some cow gongoozlers!

It was still quite windy which makes life interesting at times.   We decided to stop short of Lower Heyford as we found a delightful mooring spot.   Just one other boat there and a good wide towpath so Barney and I were able to sit out in the afternoon sun.

Total distance:4.51 miles   Gosh we have done nearly 5 miles today......
Elapsed time:2h23m52s 
Average speed:1.88 mph (3.13 lock/mph)

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