Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hot Hot Thrupp


Emma departed this morning, we were sorry to see her go.   She has had a very laid back week which was just what she needed.  

Later in the morning we had another visitor....Maffi appeared, lots of chat, tea, snack lunch and a beer later he departed.

I have decided that this is the ideal spot for a Tesco shop and drop so have commenced my list.   I had to go across to one of the cottages to ask for their post code and found a very friendly blues musician in the process of moving out.


Today it is too hot to do anything.....we managed our cooked breakfast in Annies Tea Rooms and very good it was too.

Bones appeared just before we went for our breakfast offering a lift for a Sainsburys shopping run which was very kind of her, however we declined as the shop and drop was organised and also it would have been very hot shopping!

The rest of the day has been spent down below just trying to keep cool.  I am hoping that later on it will cool off and I can emerge and maybe sit on the side for a quick Pimms!!!

Tomorrow, Father's Day, we have the grandchildren coming.   We had trouble booking somewhere for lunch as The Boat was fully booked.  However the Boat Inn has managed to find us a table for 2.30 so we will not starve.

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