Thursday, 22 June 2017

and so to Oxford

Thankfully the day promises to be cooler than of late

The busy A34 is the high bridge and Geoff has opened the little one for me!
Not sure how effective these would be as the boat was moored in lovely shade

Waiting our turn
Wow....big trip today.  We didn't moor until 1415...unheard of on Petroc.   Cant remember why we were so slow....under 5 miles!!

We found a mooring by Aristotle bridge in what we think is a wonderful spot.   A park right opposite which is handy for short walks but just further we can go over the railway bridge into the vast Port Meadow and walk round to the river.   A two minute walk to a small deli....bit strange really...expensive and they don't take out Telegraph coupons.   However there is a pub adjacent and a church just round the corner.   A 10 minute walk takes us to plentiful buses going to various places.

Total distance:4.45 miles 
Elapsed time:5h24m38s 
Average speed:0.82 mph (1.38 lock/mph) 

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BigJohn said...

Lovely following your speedy(!?) progress towards the tempting Thames ;-)

I failed miserably in my attempts to get a reliable connection between my TV antenna (like yours) and the TV on Epiphany on Sunday afternoon. Do you know what sort of cable you have connecting yours? The coaxial I have seems rubbish.

Take care.

I'm off to the Duchy on Saturday for 8 days :-)