Thursday, 8 June 2017

Not a good decision to move today

We ummed and ahhed about moving today but decided we were just being lazy so though we might move on a couple of miles...not the best decision we have ever made.    The rain started just as we left our mooring and became steadily worse.   The only thing in our favour was that it was warmish rain!!!!
We stopped short of our intended mooring place as we were soaked.   Only 2 locks and the second of those was Ayno Weir lock which is diamond shaped and not my favourite lock.

At least once we are moored up and down below we are dry and warm.  Thank goodness we decided to have to hot water tank inside an airing cupboard when we had Petroc built...on days like this it really comes into its own as after the engine has been running a while it gets beautifully warm inside there.

Total distance:1.11 miles 
Elapsed time:1h16m27s
Average speed:0.87 mph (2.44 lock/mph) 

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