Thursday, 15 June 2017

Towards Thrupp

Shipton Weir Lock
Decided on a relatively early start as it was a very bright morning and I wanted to get going before it was too hot.

Geoff having an easier time than normal as Emma is there to help with the locks.   She is having a very relaxing week after her stressful time at work before she left.

Geoff walked ahead to see what was available at Thrupp.  Initially it did not look too promising as all the 14 day moorings before the Thrupp swing bridge were full.  Going through the swing bridge also did not look hopeful, however there was just space on the far end of the 7 day moorings with our bow on the 2 day!!  Before we had even boiled the kettle the boat behind departed so we were able to pull back.  Great spot and here we can stay for the weekend which is good as we are expecting Giles and the tribe for Fathers Day.

Total distance:2.04 miles 
Elapsed time:1h26m36s
Average speed:1.42 mph (2.80 lock/mph) 

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